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www.Itravel-srlanka.com, www.tailormade-srilanka.com is the subsidiary of Globes Travel, India (www.globestravel.com), started as a medium size India destination expert back in 2004 now our company operate bespoke holidays to all major destinations in the Indian Subcontinent.  Each itinerary is specially crafted according to the individual requirement of our clients by our team of experts with their in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka .

Our destinations experts friendly & dedicated to cater your needs , All our tours are private and with your very own chauffeur driven driver guide to experience Sri Lanka the authentic way.Ourlong rappo with hoteliers always helps us to deliver the best offers to our clients/business associates .Sri Lanka is truly a land like no other famously known for hospitality, friendliness, and smiles of the people in addition to the vibrant culture, wildlife in deep tropical forest, UNESCO world heritage sites, misty hill country, and endless golden sandy beaches.

At Itravel-Srilanka, make every effort to ensure the environmental, social and economic impact our holidays have on local communities is positive. We support a handful of Orphanages, Care homes and promote responsible tourism projects & hotels wherever we operate. 2.5% of our each profit we share with these institutions or noble causes.

Whether  you  are  travelling  for  leisure, honeymoon,  pure  relaxation,  or  that  family holiday  which  was  possible  after  years  of  savings,  our commitment to you is all our clients travel as guest for the first time and they will become as a part of our Globes travel family, Our customers are the best ambassadors as 90% of our business is generated by our customers itself by the way of “word of mouth” publicity. we  will  make  sure  that  we  offer something  new to each one of them as our tours are not identical but its different & delivered to you with personal touch with  our  carefully  handpicked  collection  of accommodation, tour guides, drivers,  etc.  

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We have several interesting and attractive loyalty packages that make holidaying and traveling with itravel-srilanka.com all the more appealing. The incentive packages for the travelers who choose us many times over are favourably crafted to the likes of the individual customer. One can avail these against accrued loyalty points earned from multiple journeys.Get in touch with us to know more.


    As the country is in the Indian Ocean where the coasts are lined up with luxuries, the accommodation is not a matter for each who visits the country. Roofs in every budget are availed with the best provisions and neatness that blows the mind. Some of the major hotels are maintained as old colonial buildings, that weaves the wonderful lifestyle tastes and ambiance of former times. While a number of stunning modern hotels exist on the island including some designed by Sri Lanka’s great twentieth-century architect Geoffrey Bawa, there are Hotels, resorts, rooftop stays, and bungalows, home stay, etc are all present for selection. The accommodation of Sri Lanka not only offers a peaceful time of being but also a belly full time with tasty delicacies. Every nation who visits the country will get their native special recipes along with the menu of traditional yet modern tastes in the menu to select. During the time at Sri Lanka, the healthy stay can be retained by the spa and ayurvedic small time treatments that rejuvenate realize and restart the life and body with all new healthy methods. Hotels in Sri Lanka are classified with the rating range of 1 to 5 to get known about them easily. Whatever be the luxury and hotel size, the hospitality of the country is assured and revealed to each who clock in the country.


    Night life at the island country is much waited thrilling where the darkness of the night bet dressed with the beauty of the country. The most economic part in the country will have the best way of getting the pleasure time a leisure time during the night time of days spent at the Sri Lanka. The country will be having the presence of Bar, Dance bar, discos, casinos, etc that are the enthralling spots at the most economic country states and the mid level economies will be having a hotel stay for day as enjoyment. West coast night life is the best time and life seen in the island. As gambling is legal in the country, the Colombo casinos are real highlights for the most forwarded and economical night life. Being country capital and largest city, Colombo has the five star hotels where night life is purely scene through the luxuries they provide. Beach front hotels are the real places to have a pleasure time at night with the loved ones accompanied where the night view and the cool breeze with the wavy sound in the ears is most memorable even after each nights. Even if not every pockets are filled for the natives of the country, each who visits the island country other than the Asians, will enjoy the most as it is not a new matter and newly seen by them.


    Sri Lankan festivals are celebrated in a unique yet special way where the country unites together for the colours of the celebration to spread over the island. Sri Lanka, multicultural society, with the history as long as many ancient civilizations aligned in the middle of the East and the West, celebrates a wide variety of festivals, ceremonies and events. From the start of the year to the end, every month in the calendar will witness the festive Sri Lanka. The festivals being an integral part here, from the Buddhist festival of Kandy Esala Perahera which is countries grandest festival to the Catholic Madhu Church Festival, and from the Hindu Vel festival to the count of days towards Ramzan, all the countries major religions are presented to be a part of the festive days. The Sinhala - Tamil New Year, long awaited festival of the country, marks the start of the year by ending the season for harvest. The Vesak celebrated by the Buddhist in the fond remembrance of the Buddha enlightenment, nativity and passing, makes the city to be crowded for viewing the Pandals and lanterns. The Kandy Esala Perahera or the Dalanda Perahera which is the largest cultural festival in the world showcases the best of Sri Lankan dancing and music also the best domesticated tuskers in the country. All who visits Sri Lanka during these periods will have the unforgettable time where the colours get mixed up with the rhythm of beats.


    Sri Lanka is very popular as the spice island and each who visits Sri Lanka will definitely come to know it. The different nations visit and trading over the past years have made the country cuisine to be blessed and influenced with the specialties of such nations. The mouth watering exotic spicy yet traditional food from the Sri Lankan kitchen will be a different experience for all who reaches the country. Food is always a factor that decides whether to get into the list of visit or not. But for Sri Lanka, this is not a chance because tastes always flow from the kitchen where the food can be continental, Indian, European, Chinese or traditional Sri Lankan menu as per each who chooses to fill both mouth and heart as the country have the traces of these various cultures and traditions from ancient time itself. Healthy recipes with vegetables, fruits, and other nonvegetarian items make the table filled with a variety of selections. The central food for Sri Lanka is boiled or steamed rice served with curries of fish, chicken, etc. accompanied by curries of vegetable, leafs and fruits. Most of the Sri Lankan plates will be having the presence of sambol mainly coconut sambol. Sri Lankan menu is also filled with delicious sweets that are healthy too. The cuisine is much versatile from others because of the different tips and tricks for the tasty tumbles to be prepared out from the same list of ingredients.


    A mixed up culture of both modern and traditional facts and features makes Sri Lanka the south Asian country to be with a rich cultural heritage spreading over 2500 years especially influenced from India. The presence of Buddhism has made a significant role in the shaping of the culture and heritage of various factors that makes Sri Lanka to be distinct and unique from other countries. Religion has played an important role to create this unique culture for the country and has been passed through many generations from ancient times itself. Ancient Sri Lankan rulers built monuments and established institutions to honor Buddhism and its philosophy. This has paved way for to coin the lifestyle of Sri Lanka and their way of thinking has made them stay self-sustained and more into agriculture. The culture and their heritage are peculiarly reflected through the art, architecture, sculpture, food habits, customs and rituals that the country follows. Sri Lankans have a simple way of living where humanity, mutual understanding and happiness persist between each of them and that helps them to appreciate every small thing that comes their way. The ancient monuments, riot remaining and other traditional keep backs are safely conserved in the country with 6 world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Flying to Sri Lanka will a grateful memory where the hospitality hosted by the country is nowhere experienced.


    Sri Lanka being a small Asian country, it is regarded as one of the best hotspots in the world and is conserved with around 24 wildlife sanctuaries in the country. The flora and fauna of the greenly Sri Lanka make the island to be on the hit list of the travelers boarding into the country. Among the ninety-one various mammal species in Sri Lanka, Asian elephants, sloth bear, leopards, sambar and wild buffaloes catch the attention of wildlife enthusiast. The red slender Loris, Toque Macaque, and Purple-faced Langur are the rarest mammals of the country and according to IUCN clarifications, they are endangered due to habitat loss. The ocean around Sri Lanka is home to a large group of aqua animals such as the mighty blue whales, sperm whales and dolphins. Around 26 species of sea animals are found in the oceans that prove Sri Lanka to be an accurate spot for whale and dolphin watching. The birds are also special to the country in which out of the 433 species, 233 are native species. Reaching Mihintale for Sri Lankan Elephants, Yala West (Ruhuna) National Park for leopards, Uda Walawe National Park, Wasgomuwa National Park, Minneriya & Kaudulla National Parks, Horton Plains National Park for wild elephants, Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve for bird watching, etc are some of the best places to get in touch with the wildlife of Sri Lanka.


    Sri Lanka, the island in the Indian Ocean has the sand and sea which is just an enchanting beauty that holds off the mind. The soft windy vibes at the shores of the Sri Lanka will feel like heaven for each who reaches the place. The beauty of the harmonic sunrise, golden sand, soft breeze, windy waves, rhythmic sound, lovely sunset, etc are all the key factors that make the Sri Lankan beaches be one of the extraordinary. The island has its tranquil beaches at the east, west and south coast with the best clean and lovely beaches. Some of the Sri Lankan sizzlers are Negombo, Bentota, Induruwa, Arugam bay, Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Kandy, Kogala, Nilaveli, Colombo will surely offer you the best time and delighted memories. Most of the hotels, resorts and stay back homes from cheapest to luxurious are lined up in Sri Lanka at the coasts of the beaches with a view to the magnificent beauty of the country. The rally of the palm tree and the nestled homes in the palm shades will be a common sight at the south coast of Sri Lanka. Sunbath, beach stay, leisure time and the pleasure time are all offered at the coasts of Sri Lankan beaches that will entitle as the most prominent call back for each who reaches Sri Lanka.