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Giritale Hotel

Giritale Hotel

Luxury Villa

   Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Being situated in the middle of bountiful Minneriya wildlife sanctuary, hotel Giritale at Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka is a true natural stay place with the royal history of the 12th-century kingdom at Polonnaruwa and enchanting beauty of wildlife to explore the inner self that places close to nature. The 8 deluxe rooms with a unique breathtaking the view of Giritale and 34 modestly furnished standard rooms with the wild life touch always welcomes the guest with the best possible facilities and services along with the care from experienced staff to take out the best from Giritale. The restaurant with 100 packs at a time, herbal center, bird watching, jungle safari, heritage tours, outdoor wedding, pool and deck, foreign currency encashment, etc. are some other facilities offered at Giritale. The elephant gathering near to the Minneriya reservoir is another spectacular view from the hotel where around 150 to 200 elephants are gathered during the dry seasons to satisfy their water needs. Surrounded by the greenery and astounding beauty of timberland, Giritale is always open for all foreigners or natives travelers who wish to explore the natural beauty for holiday makes or eco-tourism with the moments of bliss.

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